Our Role / Investment in Private Equity & Alternative Assets

Investment in Private Equity and Alternative Assets requires a significant long-term financial commitment.  We help our clients manage this commitment through a comprehensive, conservative and knowledgeable service over the lifecycle of their investment program.

Program Development - we work closely with each client to specify and develop their program objectives and structure tailored investment programs to meet these objectives.

Implementation - we implement client programs by careful origination, analysis, negotiation and execution of Private Equity and Alternative Asset investments.  We have a strong domestic and offshore investment deal flow, providing access to top-tier managers.  Our rigorous and robust investment due diligence process involves extensive manager and market reviews, aimed at ensuring only the highest quality investments are made on behalf of our clients.

Ongoing Management, Review and Reporting – we maintain close contact with our clients’ managers throughout the investment lifecycle and act as a knowledgeable advocate for our clients’ interests.  We provide clients with detailed program and investment reporting, update meetings and educational presentations.  We oversee their fund managers, represent our clients on manager advisory committees and critically review manager performance.  We also administer client investments, including managing cash, calls, distributions, foreign exchange, corporate actions and wind-ups.